“So far so good. But…how does all this work? How much do I have to pay? How long will the contracts last?”

So many ‘how’s popping in your mind? Right?

How does this work?

If you feel that you need to avail one or more of our services, you can write to us at or call on 9820499816. We will first understand your requirements. Our team will then brainstorm on what / which person(s) best fits for your requirement. We then send you a rough proposal with scope, time and cost estimates. Once these are accepted and confirmed, our person is introduced to you. He/she will either through meet/call/ skype call/mail and work with you for the time period defined in the proposal and see through your goals.

How much do you have to pay? And how long will the contract last?

Our chargers are generally based on an hour, expect otherwise if it’s say purchasing a product like server space, corporate email id, domain name etc. Depending on your requirement, we will arrive at estimated minimum no. of hours and send you quotations. The billing will be on the actual hours consumed. In cases where our expertise is needed for few months to years, the billing will be on a monthly retainership basis. Our hourly charges start at as minimum as 300 an hour and our monthly charges start from Rs 5000/- a month.