Picture this.

You are chocolatier. And you are famous for the taste of your products. You have a limited list of customers who are quite happy buying your products. Now you plan to expand. You want to take orders across city. You want to tie up with corporates for offering your products as gifting options. You are looking for investors who can become your franchise outlets.

You have limited resources. You can shortlist a web development vendor based on his testimonials and price but are not sure about technical quality. You outsource your digital marketing services but are not sure if the deliverables promised by them will meet your long-term vision. You are not sure of the market rate. You hire a designer for designing the marketing collaterals but again are not quite sure if the designs will fetch you more sales.

That’s where Arete steps in. We understand your short-term goals and the long term too. We help you in planning, strategizing and implementing the decided plan of action to meet your vision. We will help in identifying the right vendor at the right price and personally check through their deliverables and monitor their work and report the shortcomings. In short, we work like your Technical consultant and take care of everything on your behalf. Once the task is completed you are free to retain us for a longer term or decide to take a break and hire our team again as and when required. Sounds impressive right? Call us on 9820499816 or write to us at enquiry@arete.in, if you feel you have more questions or want to hire our technical consultant.